A Note From SoFlaJo

We are putting all products on hiatus. Many of you know we purchased an older home and we’ve been renovating. It is taking all our time and we don’t want to short our loyal and valued customers until the dust here clears!
In the meantime, you have free time. SoFlaJo recommends that you visit Cum4k. These lustful girls know how to entertain their guys. The Cum4k series is just about this – a masterful sexual relationship that ends with a creampie. It’s on the verge of what is permitted, each video in 4K format!
If you have any questions about our brand, please feel free to ask. I’ve always been here for you and I will continue to be. Thank you always for your continued support of SoFlaJo.

As always, the Workouts link gives you unlimited access to free exercise videos.

We’re all about beauty health, and home.

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  1. Your Brother says:

    Wishing you a happy birthday, hope you and Joe are doing well love Bill, Donna and Jack

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