January’s Back to Nature MyGlam Glam Bag

I’m not one to subscribe to monthly deals, but I thought the MyGlam subscription might be a pretty good value. At just $10, Michelle Phan of YouTube notoriety, promises something that she actually delivers – products her team of stylists love, for all of us to try.

And I have to say right off the bat with the first product, I certainly agree. I have been using Wen Cleansing Conditioner for several months now. My stepdaughter Samantha turned me onto them last fall. I buy from QVC and get a better deal than buying from their website. Before Christmas it was a TSV so I got to try a wide variety of formulas for a great price. Needless to say I really like the product and my already long, thick, silky blonde hair has gotten even more compliments recently then normal. So if you get the chance to try this product, I’m saying Go For It!!

The Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask by Freeman is a lot of fun. I’ve always liked masks that dry on my face and I can peel off like a second skin. Kinda creepy, huh? Well, Halloween IS my favorite holiday! Ok, but I digress. I have seen Freeman products at the drugstores probably my entire life. And I’ve tried many different ones through the years. They are nice. They are inexpensive. And this one worked like other peel off masks I’ve used. I was really hoping for that nice cucumber smell since I love products with that fragrance. And it’s there. So I also give this product a big thumbs up!

On to the Sheercover Duo Concealor. It’s a Light/Medium color so it would work ok with my natural looking South Florida tan. Except that it’s not a product I would normally wear. So I can’t honestly review it and tell you much about it.

OMG I am a nail polish junkie though. I’m not even gonna tell ya how many I own, and how many brands. But THIS was the first bottle by theBalm in my collection. Hot Ticket Nail Polish. Sounds like fun. And maybe they sent me this color since i do live in South Florida. But ummmm well, I’m not really one to wear ORANGE nail polish. Orange You Glad You’re Not Blue. To tell you the truth I am Blue, and I’d rather had Blue. So I suppose I’ll save it for Halloween. Remember, I LOVE that holiday, so maybe you’ll see me sporting it on my nails then!

Last is the soft cloth cosmetic bag everything was attractively packaged in. It’s also thinly lined to repel minor leaks. It’s a cute design with a zippered top. I’m sure I can think of a million things to do with another little bag. I have tons of them because they are so useful. (One day I need to do a post on all of my bags. I take several of them with me grocery shopping, including insulated ones!)

There’s also a nice little postcard included that describes each product and includes pricing. Coupons were included too.

So my verdict, the value is definately beyond the $10 MyGlam took from my credit card, which included the shipping. I’m still in the plan and excited to see what February brings. I did miss out on December, which was their launch. If you haven’t already signed up for this deal, reconsider it! And at this price, NO, I don’t get anything for a referral.

(And that reflective pink bag in the background was the bubble mailer it all came in!)

Cult Nails $5 Polishes @ 5k Likes

Well let’s all get our butts over to Cult Nail Polish Facebook Page and like their page and tell all your friends to, too! When they reach 5,000 likes they will sell all their polishes for $5 each for one day! Get over there now! Repost this so they get there sooner!

Cult Nails
We’ve got about 4 hours left. Trying to reach 4,000 facebook likes by midnight EST! Remember @ 5,000 we sell all polishes for $5 for one day!!

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NEW YOU CHALLENGE – Broward General Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Today was Day 2 of the New You Challenge at Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. My team, The Lunch Club, meets twice weekly for 30 minutes of intense cardio and strength training with me at the Wellness Center Gym. We are one of 5 teams in the Challenge and I intend to win this competition!

My team is the largest with 2 girls and 3 guys. Robin is a a real competitor and puts her all into it. Mary Beth has determination and is working hard toward her goals. Don likes to slack if he can get away with it, but that ain’t happening here Buddy! Mike found out the first day of the challenge I’m not gonna let him slide on his strong legs. His upper body is gonna feel the burn! Jim is our ringleader! He’s at the gym in the morning to do cardio on his own and comes back to work with me. And his wife makes him walk with her. This guy is gonna have a healthy heart to go with the kind one he already has!

I really like my team and they all get along great with each other. That’s what’s gonna make them successful and win this competition. Good health is the fountain of youth. And keeping your body fit will allow you to do more things in your life. I’m a firm believer in making the fitness part of it fun so everybody will want to move and do something physical everyday. Whether it’s my classes or my clients, I want them to want to come back to me. Crazy is as crazy does! 🙂

Here’s my team! I love all of them! Robin, Jim, MaryBeth, Mike, Don. Go get ’em gang!

New You Challenge Team - The Lunch Club

Get Your Butt Up Off That Couch!!!


Alright – 15 minutes to warm up and get some cardio in – run around the block, do some jumping jacks, dance to your favorite songs – then meet me back here pronto!!!

Grab your Water, a Towel, and 3 to 5 Pound Weights, a Resistance Band and a Mat, and some Rockin’ Music.

Start Now!!!

50 reps of Dumbell Curls
30 Underarm Rows (arms down by your side, palms face in, bring your weights up under your arms)
30 Triceps Extensions over your head
30 Plie Squats holding your weights on your legs
30 Deadlifts
20 Reverse Flyes

Get a drink, repeat your workout.
Do this THREE times!

10 Floor pushups (or 20 Wall pushups)
Do this THREE Times!

Need a drink yet?

Grab your Resistance Band, put it Under your Left Foot, Grab the Handle with Both Hands, Bend down then bring it Across your body and over your right shoulder in a Reverse Wood Chop. Repeat with the band under your right foot going toward the left side of your body.
Do this THREE Times on EACH Side!

Drink some water then hit the floor on your Mat (put your towel on your mat).

50 Crunches
Turn on your stomach for 20 Planks
Turn on your side for 25 Hand to Ankle Crunches
Turn Over on your other side for 25 Hand to Ankle Crunches

Stretch it out, make sure you Drink Plenty of Water, and get some Protein in you to repair those muscles!

DAMN FINE WORKOUT TODAY! Y’all should be really proud of yourselves! We’re gonna have more fun again tomorrow!! XO

The Year of the Dragon

I’m excited to be celebrating the Chinese New Year honoring The Dragon. I wasn’t born in a year of The Dragon but I believe it is my totem animal. From my dragon tattoo to jewelry, clothing, books, and art pieces, even my Harley is painted with dragons (see my banner above), I see dragons as inspiration and companions protecting me on my life’s journey.

During the 1980s & 90s I owned an herb business in Michigan that I closed to move to South Florida to live on a sailboat I bought. I’m delighted to once again offer my original creations as SoFlaJo, the nickname I have come to be known by since I moved here.  Die-hard customers and friends have continued to request my handcrafted originals for bod and abode. In the upcoming months I will once again be offering my popular soaps, incense, and other highly acclaimed originals.

It is with great pride that I announce the release of my first collection of original nail polishes, an 8-piece collection of sparkling color-changing topcoats fittingly called – The Year of the Dragon. Made from natural pigments and glitters, and bases free of the chemicals Toluene, Formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.

These topcoats work best over dark colors. Topcoats are shown over black, purple, blue, and green basecoats. The black is the most dynamic. Remember that these will flash to purple, blue and green, therefore they will not be as noticeable but will make these base color more intense!

All pictures shown have No Topcoat applied!

Glitters are softer to the touch as well.


The Conjuror with Purple glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from silver/green to silver/red to green/gold

Guardian of the Lake with Blue glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from turquoise to blue to violet

Call Forth Dragons with Silver glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from light purple to silver to blue/green

3 of Pentacles with Copper glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from lilac to red to silver to green/blue

Conjuror, Guardian, Call Forth, 3 of Pentacles over Black

 Enchantment with Aqua glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from gold/green to silver/green to blue

Druid Circle with Green glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from light green to rose

Dragon Heart with Red glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from red to copper to gold

Pendragon with Gold glitter and depending on your basecoat, shifts from red/gold to bronze

Enchantment, Druid, Dragon Heart, Pendragon over Black

Each 5ml bottle comes attractively packaged and protectively bubble wrapped.

$5.00 per bottle


U.S. $2.00 per bottle, 50c each additional bottle

Int’l $3.00 per bottle, 75c each additional bottle

Please Gift Paypal me at Jody @ SoFlaJo.com, include the Names of the Polishes you are ordering as well as your complete Name and Shipping Address. Thank You!

Orders can also be placed from the Shop tab