Smoothie/Juice Fail

Sorry guys. This is a fail. 🙁 You know I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I make my own smoothies and I juice at home. I am always excited to try a natural product I can grab in a clutch. However it’s not going to be #SujaEssentials. I #GotItFree to try it and review it from #BzzAgent. They sent me BOGO coupons. My choices were the Beet one and the Greens one. Apple juice is the first ingredient in both. And you KNOW you aren’t even supposed to give kids AJ because of all the sugar in it. The beet one was so sweet it was almost impossible to drink. However the Greens one WAS impossible to drink because it was so offsetting. And I wouldn’t consider either of them “smoothies”. They were definitely juices. Although they contained all natural ingredients, I wouldn’t buy them. Just being honest.

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