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AutoNation Christmas at Broward Nursing Home

Last week I was visiting Mom at the nursing home, like I do so often. She is doing very well most days despite the stroke in April. Broward Nursing & Rehab is a caring facility that I feel comfortable having her live at. We were just leaving for our usual stroll around the neighborhood when Nicole, the activities director stopped us. She said we couldn’t leave! “WHAT?!?!?! Is this a new rule, I can’t take my mom out for walks, even though I’m her POA?! And she’s MY Mom?!” Yes, I get defensive about my family! “No No” she assured me. We are having a surprise this afternoon and you have to be there. Ok, feathers back down! LOL

So we were in the east dining room by 2:00 as told, and WOW, can I just say – WHAT A NICE SURPRISE IT WAS! The company AutoNation, has very generous employees! They chose Mom’s facility to “adopt” a resident and surprise them with holiday gifts! Many of the residents have no one, so this is the sweetest thing. I hope they realize how wonderful they really are doing this! I can’t thank them enough on my Mom’s behalf. She was gifted a sweater, fragrance sprays and a cuddly dog with a massager built in. She has that sweet little guy close to her all the time. And she’s named him Cuddles! How appropriate. Thank you Tamyra for doing such a great job with my Mom’s gift! XO

I have a video that is about 23 minutes long of the day the AutoNation employees passed out gifts and some of the residents opening them. I hope you’ll take a few minutes out of your day to watch how happy they are with their gifts and just for being thought of at this time of year. And to you and your own family’s, Joe and I wish you a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you all!



Fort Lauderdale Beach Erosion from Hurricane Sandy

This is “my” beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach with stills and video I put into a video from the time Hurricane Sandy was out in the Atlantic over The Bahamas, till what it actually looks like today. It is a mess and will take a long time to repair. Mother Nature doesn’t play nice! 🙁


There are several videos on YouTube that you can watch about this disaster on our beach. They all make me sad. I love this beach so much and we have thousands of visitors, so it’s obvious a lot of people feel the same way I do about it. I hope future plans will somehow help protect this part of the beach more. The waves here are more intense than the rest of the beach and this is where our “surfers” like to hang out. I hope the cleanup doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, too.