Share Your Best Holiday Memories in this SoFlaJo Giveaway

These last several days I’ve been having giveaways on my FACEBOOK page and Twitter. The winners receive a full size polish from my SoFlaJo Party Time collection.

This is our oldest granddaughter’s first time with Santa! Tell me YOUR funniest Holiday memory. The one with the most likes will win a full size bottle of SoFlaJo Ballroom Nail Polish. Open domestic and international. You have till 6pm est Monday Christmas Eve!

THE ONLY COMMENTS THAT WILL COUNT IN THIS GIVEAWAY – MUST BE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. And the stories are amazing, heartwarming, and funny!


SoFlaJo Holiday Nail Polish Sale!

Holiday Nail Polish Sale!

FREE SHIPPING with a minimum $20.00 purchase and must be purchased from this site (etsy sales are not included in this sale). ALL collections are included as long as the purchase total is $20.00. This sale is open to both domestic and international customers and ends at midnight Monday 11/26.

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Year of the Dragon Nail Polish Collection

Happy Hour Nail Polish Collection

Life’s a Beach Nail Polish Collection

Terrified Nail Polish Collection

Party Time Nail Polish Collection

I am an indie polish maker who has been making personal care items since the 1980s. Originally opened in a small storefront in Michigan, upon moving to Florida I lived on a sailboat for a dozen years and pursued other endeavors. However I am returning to my “roots” and will be releasing original creations and time-tested favorites once again.

Party Time Nail Polish Collection

SoFlaJo Party Time Nail Polish Collection

**Apply Top Coat to our Glitter Finish Polishes to smooth any slightly rough edges**

Ice Dancer – I love the sparkle and glitz of the costumes and the fancy footwork of Ice Dancers. When designing this holographic glitter mix of blues, silvers and browns in a blue base, I wanted a “topper” that could be worn alone with opacity in 2-3 coats or dress up favorite undies with its shimmer.

Watch Ice Dancer Polish Glisten on YouTube

ICE DANCER .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

ICE DANCER 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW

Hidden Gem – We’re rocking this party! I find fascinating rocks on my walks¬†and¬†break them open at home to reveal glittering treasures inside. Hidden Gem is a steely blue teal polish¬†with flashes¬†of green and blue flecks and rainbows of scattered holo. Opacity is reached in two coats.


HIDDEN GEM .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

HIDDEN GEM 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW

Ballroom – Our Ballroom is grand sized with opulent decorations in reds and golds. On the nail this polish glistens with flecks of red. Now turn your hand to reveal a golden glow. Opacity is reached in two coats.

Watch Ballroom Polish change colors on YouTube

BALLROOM .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

BALLROOM 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW

Yule Tidings – Joe and I want to wish everyone Yule Tidings during this season of parties & merriment. This polish is a micro glitter mix of red, green and holographic glitters, and a few hexes and stars to remind you of a twinkling tree, sitting in a green base. Worn alone will require 2-3 coats for near opacity. As a topper it adds holiday sparkle to pale green or other undies.

YULE TIDINGS .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

YULE TIDINGS 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW


**Apply Top Coat to our Matte Finished Polishes to bring out sparkle and shimmer hidden within**

Red Carpet – Walk the Red Carpet at this party. This beautiful red matte polish I created will remind you of that experience every time you wear it. Opacity is reached in two coats.

RED CARPET .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

RED CARPET 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW

Blue-Ray – Blue-Ray is a bright blue matte polish that brings technicolor to your nails with hints of purple. Opacity is reached in two coats.


BLUE-RAY .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

BLUE-RAY 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW

Last to Leave – Everybody knows those people that are the Last to Leave the party. This green matte polish is dedicated to the last one out the door when the party’s over. Oh yeah, please turn out the lights! Opacity is reached in two coats.

LAST TO LEAVE .5oz/15ml $10.00 each Click to BUY NOW

LAST TO LEAVE 5ml $5.00 each Click to BUY NOW

Full Sets of Regular Size and Minis available with Discounted Shipping!

PARTY TIME FULL SIZE SET .5oz/15ml each $70.00 Click to BUY NOW Shipping Discount Applied
PARTY TIME COLLECTION MINI SET 5ml each $35.00 Click to BUY NOW Shipping Discount Applied

All SoFlaJo polishes are made from natural pigments and glitters with bases free of the chemicals Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Dibutyl Phthalate and Formaldehyde. All SoFlaJo polishes contain stainless steel mixing balls (and always have).

Each bottle comes attractively packaged and protectively bubble wrapped