Oh My! December GlossyBox Review! (And it’s a GOOD one Mr. Grinch!)

This month I have TWO GlossyBoxes to review! This beauty box subscription service doesn’t put a limit on how many boxes you can purchase and I think that’s fabulous. Even though I only have one subscription, they offered a code for a discounted box this month so I bought a second one because I am so happy with the previous boxes I’ve received. Oh boy, I can tell you this month was NO exception, and I am really glad I sprang for a few extra bucks and got the second box!

So here is what I got in the boxes! They were wrapped in lovely tissue paper with a bow as the box normally is. Candy Canes, Gingerbread Figures, and other holiday designs adorned it and tied with a red ribbon. Four full size products, two sample size, and a lovely piece of jewelry were included. Both boxes contained a necklace but I’ve talked to others that have received other jewelry like stack rings.

The first full size item is an after-bath and shower moisturizer in a blend of essential and all-natural oils – Madurai Jasmine & Mogra by Forest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda. As you know, I live in South Florida, and the scent of Jasmine wafts in our air several times a year. I absolutely love that fragrance. This blend is reminiscent of it and it’s fabulous. I use a lot of lotion and moisturizer on my face and body already, so this will be put to good use, and since I got TWO of them in my multiple boxes – ooooooo yeah!


I got a “full size” (5.5 oz, enough for one use) Heartland Fragrance Co. bath salts. White Ginger in one box, White Tea in the other. These are made with 100% natural epsom salts with fragrance added (so even though they advertise they are a healing aromatherapy salt, I would have preferred to see them use natural or essential oils as well, instead of fragrance).

Pleats Please is a sample size Eau de Toilette by Issey Miyake. This is a USA Online Exclusive Launch. Yay! It really smells wonderful and I like that it’s in a little spray bottle. The other sample size is Wella Velvet Amplifier. Known for their hair care products, I’m excited to try this. It is a concentrated serum which is supposed to improve manageability and control for responsive styling.

The other full size is a Lipstick Luxe in m.powerment petal by mark. It’s a limited edition creamy rose lipstick that is luminous and hydrating according to their information. Although it was “developed to raise awareness for a powerful women’s cause”, I’m gonna have to look online to find which one, and it’s not really my color.

OK now we’re down to the last two items in the boxes! The ZOYA nail polish, and the jewelry! I got two different Zoya’s, and two different necklaces! That’s exciting because I’ve ordered duplicate boxes from other companies previously and they were identical. Uhhhh boring! When a buyer purchases more than one don’t you think they want a variety since they know you are sending more than one mix?!

So I got Storm in one box and Electra in the other. I haven’t purchased any Zoya in awhile and I didn’t have either of these. OMG can I just say I am thrilled with BOTH of them?! The necklaces are by Jewelmint and “inspired by the runway, vintage jewelry and on-trend celebrity style”. I am very happy with the two pieces I got. One is a silver and goldtone double chain with beads and decorative “plates”. The other is actually a necklace with a pinback that can be worn two different ways. The heart is adorned with red stones with two hummingbirds atop it. I really like both of the pieces a lot! Ok but STOP right there. The above link to Jewelmint will take you to their FAQ page. Yes, they are a monthly membership service that you will have to reply to if you want to skip your monthly item. I am NOT a member and that is NOT a referral link!

OK now you see why I was so pleased with both of my boxes this month. If you’d like to get in on the action, just click on my referral link in the sidebar or here to GlossyBox if you’d like. They have One Month or more subscriptions, and of course the longer you subscribe for, the more the price is reduced. I hope you will like the service as much as I do if you do decide to purchase it.


la jolla Spa MD Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream Review

I take pretty good care of my skin and I have been doing so for many years. When we are young we don’t even realize the damage that can happen to it and many girls don’t take very good care of theirs because of it. My mom still has a beautiful complexion at 89 years old, and she was very careful with her skin regimen and harped on me to do the same. I am thankful that she did. Of course I’m always looking for a miracle cure, without chemical injections or surgery, so I jumped at the chance to review Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream.

I’ve been using it a almost two months now and haven’t used other moisturizers so that I could get a good idea of how well it works. Made with a variety of herbal and natural ingredients, I used one pump on my forehead and eyes, a second pump around my mouth and on my neck, and a third on my decollete. It is non-greasy and felt great on my skin, soaking in quickly and leaving my skin feeling refreshed, and although it is very lightly scented, I didn’t really even notice it had one. I like knowing that a product I’m using is not full of chemicals and is made in the USA.

The Daily Defense Cream that I used is a specially formulated medically compounded blend of Super-Antioxidants (Mangosteen – a rich source of xanthones, Pomegranate – to help give strength and support to skin, and Green and White Tea which reduce damage caused by sun and provide immunity boost), CoQ10 to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Ceramides (lipid molecules that boost the skin’s water-retention capacity), and Caffeine which immediately gives the appearance of tighter, firmer, younger skin.

I have fine lines as well as deeper smile lines. I used the Daily Defense Cream in the morning and evening after cleansing my face. I’m not sure two month’s use would be enough to see more than minor results, but I would think that with prolonged use it could continue to improve skin conditions it is recommended for such as hydration and dryness as well as correcting skin tone and redness. “In one particular study, more than half of the participants noticed a visible difference in skin texture, improvement in elasticity, increase in skin hydration and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles after using Cellustructure Rejuvenating Serum (CRS) for a 3-month period.”

I like that it seems to pump out just the right amount for the area of my face that I am using it on. Its recommended to use under sunscreen and dries quickly and my regular powder makeup went on smooth. I’ve included pictures of before using it and after using it. You can see it plumps and gets rid of those fine lines around the eyes. I also have a lined scar under my eye I got when I was five years old. It helps to make it less noticeable as well! So yes I do like it. And I would recommend it.


This skin care line “is the first medically directed collection that has been formulated for ideal daily skin care regimens, as well as optimized care for skin undergoing treatment and procedures”. It was “created by world renowned dermatologist and cosmetic-surgeon Mitchel P. Goldman, MD”.

This line has four regimens depending on your skin type – Dry, Normal, Oily, Acne Prone – that include cleaners, toners, rejuvenating and hydrating products. All items can be purchased individually, but there are substantial price reductions when buying an entire system. Shipping is free with purchases above $50.

I was sent a full size sample of la jolla Spa MD Vitaphenol Daily Defense Cream for review. The 1.6 fl oz “Anti-Aging Deep Rehydration Treatment” sells for $95 at www.vitaphenol.com. I received this item at no cost to me and am providing an unbiased review of same.